We hope you all rang in a successful 2018 and are ready to start a new semester with us here at Parker 301. We’re all hoping you the best of luck with all of your New Year’s resolutions, but don’t worry — we’re here to help! As Parker 301 residents, you’re not only signed to live here, you signed for an entire team of support and a vast network to help pave the road for success.

Please check out our upcoming events in this newsletter — from getting in shape to getting a job, we definitely want to lend a hand! Have you heard about our Career Success Portal? This job bank is exclusively available to Parker 301 residents. Take advantage of this invaluable resource accessible through your resident portal, and stay tuned for events to help you out in other areas of success.

Lastly, the time to RENEW is NOW! To ensure you renew at the lowest rate possible, it’s important that you jump on this deal fast. If you are one of the next 50 people to renew, you will receive rates as low as $425! Be aware — rates will only go up from here.

Special Highlight

  • New Year’s resolutions have arrived! Get on top of your health and your studies in our 24-hour fitness center and business center!
  • Don’t want to drive to class? Lucky for you, we’re close enough to walk and bike to class! If you prefer wheels, we also have a shuttle that stops on the 13th and 39th minutes of every hour from 7 a.m.–7 p.m. at the bus stop at the front of the property. Our shuttle goes to three different places on campus, including the northeast commuter lot, the bus hub, and Denny Chimes.
  • Smoking in your apartment is NOT allowed. Doing so can carry significant fines per resident and lead to eviction. There is no smoking allowed in the lobby, clubhouse, parking garage, stairwells, elevator, or within 30 feet of any entry door to the buildings.
  • Guests are to be accompanied by a resident at all times while on the property. Allowing your guests in the amenities or around the property unaccompanied can result in both fines and loss of guest privileges. Each resident is allowed NO MORE THAN TWO GUESTS, including in the pool area.
  • If you’re locked out of your apartment, call the office and press 9 for one of our on-call Community Assistants to assist you. We’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week. After-hours lockouts are a $50 charge.

Reminders & Updates

Office hours are Monday–Friday from 9 a.m.–6 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.–4 p.m., and Sunday from noon–4 p.m.

Work orders should be submitted online via the resident portal, or in person or over the phone at the front office. Please be as specific as possible when you submit a work order. The more details our maintenance team has, the better they can serve you! If you have questions about how to access the portal or your login information, please contact the office.

Electricity bills are split per the number of residents in each apartment. Bills will be posted to your account by the 1st of each month, so please make your payment when you pay your monthly installment. Remember, you can write one check for rent and electricity charges. If you have any questions, see the management office.

Rent is due on the 1st every month. Late fees are applied if rent is not received by 6 p.m. on the 4th.

If you have any questions regarding the payment portal or about your account, please contact Robyn Davis, our AGM, or email her at rdavis@liveparker301.com.

For any resident/roommate conflict-related issues and event idea submissions, please reach out to Jade, our Resident Director, or email her at eepperson@liveparker301.com. We love to hear about anything we can do to make your life here even better.

Start Now

Written by Megan McCollum

You’ve conquered your final exams, spent time with family, and brought in the new year with friends. But now what? How do you ensure that you’ll be at the top of your game with a new course load when you’re so used to relaxing at home?

Here’s a hint: Start now. Buy your books, find your classrooms, spend some time cleaning your room and clearing your desk.

As the fall semester probably taught you, college flies by. There’s no time to slowly ease back into it — take a deep breath, prepare your mind, and dive in. Don’t just take it day by day; create a study schedule, make some friends and form a study group, and talk to your advisor and get to know them.

There are thousands of resources at your fingertips just waiting to be used. For example, places to study. Trying to focus in your bedroom with your roommates around and electronics everywhere is hard, so take advantage of your property’s clubhouses and study rooms, as well as places on campus.

Once you’ve found your perfect study place, it’s time to use the resources available to you. College students today rely on technology for almost everything, from textbooks to full online courses and online study materials. There are even some apps that can be used to help you study, such as iTunes U and Brainscape. If you aren’t using your cell phone to study, turn it off — social media will be there when you’re done, but your professor won’t wait around for you to learn.

If you find yourself procrastinating, take a deep breath, and ask yourself why this assignment is important. Don’t ask why you don’t want to do it; ask yourself what you will benefit from it. Ask yourself what you can learn, and why it’s meaningful.

Reward yourself with something you can truly withhold from yourself if you don’t complete the task. Offering yourself candy or saying you won’t go to that show if you don’t write your paper isn’t meaningful enough to motivate you. Find something you truly want, and when you reward yourself, notice how it feels.

Don’t settle for less. Don’t wait for things to just work out. Start now.

Community Events Calendar

Letter to Myself — January 6 from 5–7 p.m. — Come to the office for hot chocolate and homemade cookies, and to set some New Year’s resolutions for your upcoming semester!

Grocery Bingo — January 9 from 6:30–8:30 p.m. — Come to the office for a chance to win one of several gift baskets in a game of bingo! Basket themes will vary.

Yoga Day — January 15 from 4–5 p.m. — Stressful syllabus week? Don’t worry — come center yourself and get in touch with your inner yogi with us in the fitness center for some beginner’s yoga!

Smart Financial Decisions — January 18 from 6–7:30 p.m. — Need some help budgeting for the upcoming year, or just want to break some bad habits from last year? We’ll be having a member from the University of Alabama Career Center come and speak with us about smart spending and help you in creating the perfect budget!

Yappy Hour — January 22 from 4–6 p.m. — Pets and pet owners alike: Come down to the green space because this is a treat for both of you! We’ll be grilling out and enjoying the company of some pretty cool pets. Come early on for a doggy bag to take home!

Get LinkedIn for 2018 — January 30 from 3–6 p.m. — Want some more information on the Career Success Portal? Then, this is the event for you. Join us for a LinkedIn and resume workshop featuring our Career Success Portal. Come to the office for help developing your resume, setting up a profile on professional networking platforms, and searching for your career!